Which make-up trend will you choose?

Women wear make-up to look even more beautiful, to hide imperfections and to highlight their good sides. However there is more behind it.. We think that we solely estimate the age of a woman looking at her wrinkles, however, research showed that we estimate age by assessing the contrast in her face. Perhaps this is WHY women use make-up and this says a lot about HOW we use our make-up. Because the older you get, the less contrast you will have between the eyebrows, lips and skin. Although there are many types of make-up techniques, the essence of all make-up techniques is to create contrast.

Apart from using make-up to satisfy our beauty ideal, make-up is increasingly connected to the fast-paced fashion trends. The catwalk has a major impact on the fashion trends, and the fact that influences of Instagram and its influencers are changing the world is undeniable. Due to the Internet and Instagram all trends are spreading quickly and are visible to everyone.

Fashion Alien follows the trends and developments closely and is happy to share them with her followers. Besides, we could not have picked a better moment to start with Fashion Alien, since the latest Instagram make-up and fashion trends of 2018 are totally alien inspired. Everyone out there recognizes and loves alien chic. Aliens are also related to gender neutrality, and currently we are in a time where we are exploring gender sexuality and our own identity in a lot of ways. So use make-up to express yourself the way you want and apply trends that suit you best.

Love yourself and dare to shine.

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